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Introduction The manufacturing and supply of generic drugs need a transformation for its sustainability, quality, manufacturing modernization, supply reliability, and
Introduction This paper describes an innovation process design for a pharmaceutical manufacturing innovation project which intends to transform the supply
The article from Battersby (2013): Funding your business expansion, provides a series of recommendations around financing strategies for small business.
The interrelation of organization’s structural components like ethics, human resources management (HRM) and information systems (IS) can influence organization financial
Sourcing Knowledge for Innovation: Knowledge Reuse and Creation in Project Teams             This article discussed knowledge management from a perspective
In this article, the author presented 10 companies that reached the status of breakthrough brands in 2017. (Gallagher et al.,
In this article the authors aimed to demonstrate the value of the marketing function in companies (Hanssens and Pauwels, 2016).
An important aspect of a business is to have a sense of direction and identity, which can be achieved by