An Innovation Strategy for the Transformation of Generic Drugs Manufacturing and Supply

Introduction The manufacturing and supply of generic drugs need a transformation for its sustainability, quality, manufacturing modernization, supply reliability, and affordability. The best way to reach this transformation is by using pharmaceutical technologies advancement and innovation. This innovation strategy provides the basis of this transformation of generic medicines tailored to any generic manufacturer. The generic … Read more

An innovation process design for a new way of making medicines

Introduction This paper describes an innovation process design for a pharmaceutical manufacturing innovation project which intends to transform the supply of generic medicines to allow a sustainable, eco-friendly, and decentralized manufacturing. Research performed on intra-organizational processes, clusters of innovation, and customer engagement in new product design provided the theoretical framework for this innovation process design. … Read more

Small business financial strategies

The article from Battersby (2013): Funding your business expansion, provides a series of recommendations around financing strategies for small business. It explains the different options of finance that a small business can reach for a business expansion. Main Points: The main point brought by Battersby (2013) on his article is that for a growing small … Read more

The Contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility, Network Working and Knowledge Management to Organization’s Performance, plus a Case Study Based on Pfizer, Inc.

The interrelation of organization’s structural components like ethics, human resources management (HRM) and information systems (IS) can influence organization financial performance in positive or negative ways depending on the organization’s performance on these practices. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the contribution of organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an ethics practice, network … Read more

Theory and Article Deconstruction: Knowledge Management

Sourcing Knowledge for Innovation: Knowledge Reuse and Creation in Project Teams             This article discussed knowledge management from a perspective of innovation projects. Khedhaouria and Jamal (2015) proposed a hypothetical framework that is evaluated using a robust multivariate analysis method, which provides the basis for conclusions about the hypothetical statements and creation of sustainable postulates … Read more

Deconstruction and Analysis of Article: Breakthrough Brands 2017 (Gallagher et al., 2017)

In this article, the author presented 10 companies that reached the status of breakthrough brands in 2017. (Gallagher et al., 2017) The main point is precisely how these recently created companies, most of them 10 years or less, had attained breakthrough brand status in such a short time. The evidence provided comes through the quantitative … Read more

Deconstruction and Analysis: Demonstrating the Value of Marketing (Hanssens and Pauwels, 2016).

In this article the authors aimed to demonstrate the value of the marketing function in companies (Hanssens and Pauwels, 2016). This peer-reviewed article brought many topics to the analysis, as well as suggestions for future research. The authors provide a deep discussion of points with plentiful evidence based on empirical data. The following main points … Read more